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Painting and decorating studio since 1868
An artistic culture that ensures fully respecting artworks
Bespoke services for unique projects
Mastery of execution, both for public and private projects
An expert team specialising in highly technical creations
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Since the 19th century, the studio has acquired a true working memory of the various trades that enable it to offer comprehensive interior design solutions: from simple renovation to creating complex décors. Mastery of advanced techniques represents a challenge for its team who carry out projects of high artistic value on a daily basis.

Duval & Mauler, expert in the restoration of Historical Monuments operates in both the public and cultural sectors as well as with private customers: luxury hotels, offices and head offices, property companies and private property.

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Palaid d’Iéna – Economic and social council

After an initial restoration phase completed in 2015, the studio is now continuing with stripping the exterior joinery of the Palais d’Iéna to re (...)

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Entrance Hall et landings in the 8th arrondissement of Paris

To carry out this project, the studio followed the indications of an internationally renowned decorator.

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Bio-Sourced Paint

Aware of the growing allergies of the occupants and sensitive to protecting the environment, Duval & Mauler tested and then added different natural (...)

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